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Policy and guidance

UN Peacekeeping has produced a number of policy and guidance documents since its creation in 1948. Here you will find the most recent key papers for you to download.



  • Planning Toolkit PDF Document, intended to help field practitioners in conducting assessments and planning of DPKO-led operations. It provides guidance, templates, checklists and lists of examples of good practices to help develop a wide variety of plans — ranging from a UN-wide Integrated Strategic Framework to the mission results-based budgeting and planning.
  • DPKO/DFS Civil Affairs Handbook, the first edition of the document providing detailed guidance for Civil Affairs Officers on how to perform their tasks; can be a useful orientation for anyone interested in finding out more about Civil Affairs work in UN peacekeeping.


  • The New Horizon Initiative: Progress Report No. 2 PDF Document, the second informal report highlighting ongoing efforts to improve the effectiveness of UN Peacekeeping.
  • Defence Sector Reform (DSR) Policy PDF Document, providing guidance to United Nations staff engaged in supporting national defence sector reform efforts. The DSR policy has been developed within the overarching framework of the United Nations security sector reform framework intended to support States and societies in developing effective, inclusive and accountable security institutions.
  • Disarmament, demobilization and reintegration: report of the Secretary-General PDF Document, introducing revised policy and guidance related to the United Nations approach to the reintegration of ex-combatants and associated groups, and noting large gaps in their implementation [A/65/741] of 21 March 2011.

2009 - 2010



  • Handbook on United Nations Multidimensional Peacekeeping Operations PDF Document The Handbook is intended to serve as an introduction to the varied aspects of multidimensional peacekeeping operations and to provide readers with a general overview of the responsibilities of each component of the operation. The primary audience of the Handbook is field personnel who are new to the UN or who are being deployed to a multidimensional peacekeeping operation for the first time.

Additional policy and guidance