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2005: A good year for peacekeeping operations


UN establishes the Peacebuilding Commission



Major peacekeeping operations

Sierra Leone: A success story in peacekeeping


Liberia: Elections mark a historic turning point


Burundi: A major breakthrough in peacekeeping


Haiti: MINUSTAH prepares for overdue elections


Côte d'Ivoire: Peace efforts move on despite a succession of delays


Sudan: New mission deploys, provides assistance to the African Union in Darfur


DR Congo: Robust posture hastens political process


Kosovo: Status talks get underway


Ethiopia-Eritrea: Political stalemate continues amid rising tension


Georgia: UNOMIG police mark two years


Other DPKO-led missions



Other peace operations

Afghanistan: Beyond the Bonn Agreement


Iraq: UNAMI underpins the transitional political process


UNSCO mediates, coordinates UN work in the Middle-East


Political missions



Challenges in peace operations

DPKO stresses conduct and a duty of care


Gender in peacekeeping: An evolving field of practice

Prepared by the Peace and Security Section, United Nations Department of Public Information.

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