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UN Peacekeeping's global partnership today includes Member States, the UN Secretariat, host countries, regional organizations and UN partners.

Peacekeepers holding a plastic tank near a truck.

UNAMID/Albert González Farran

Peacekeepers from South Africa serving with UNAMID work on the installation of a plastic water tank in North Darfur.

UN Peacekeeping is a unique global partnership. It draws together the legal and political authority of the Security Council, the personnel and financial contributions of Member States, the support of host countries and the accumulated experience of the Secretariat in managing operations in the field. It is this partnership that gives UN Peacekeeping its legitimacy, sustainability and global reach.

Increasingly our work is made possible by the strategic partnerships with other UN entities and regional organizations in creating a common vision, capacity building and cost sharing.

We have a variety of partners at every stage of our work:

Member States

Partnerships with the Member States of the United Nations are at the core of every area of our work. Members of the Security Council lead and strengthen our work by establishing mandates and amending our deployments to respond to emerging developments on the ground. Troops and police as well as equipment are generously provided by Member States. The General Assembly is responsible for decisions relating to the financing of our operations.

Regional organizations

Creative partnerships with international and regional organizations is becoming a regular feature in UN Peacekeeping. Some recent examples include the UN working with the African Union (AU) in Darfur, alongside the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Kosovo and Afghanistan, as well as succeeding a European Union (EU) military operation in Chad and handing over policing operations to the EU in Kosovo.

UN partners

We work closely with UN funds, agencies and programmes through the integration of humanitarian and traditional peacekeeping work in our peace operations. A multi-dimensional integrated UN peacekeeping operation is more effective when it is deployed as part of a UN system-wide response based on a clear and shared understanding of priorities.

Partnerships infographic

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partnerships that enable our work, and the scale and scope of our
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UN Peacekeeping - We are a Global Parnership infographic

Global Partnership for Global Peace

The theme for this year's International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers, commemorated on 29 May 2012, is "Peacekeeping as a global partnership" and recognizes the important contributions of all our partners working to bring sustainable peace and security through our missions around the world.