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Global contribution for global peace

UN Peacekeeping has more than 95,000 UN uniformed personnel (Military and Police) coming from over 110 countries. They come from nations large and small, rich and poor. They bring different cultures and experience to the job, but they are united in their determination to foster peace.

Our 'Data dashboard' below allows you to explore the data behind the contributions of uniformed personnel. Underneath is our 'Stories of contribution' map which allows you to meet some of the individuals and find out about their work.

Data Dashboard

See which countries provide in which numbers, and explore the patterns over time using the play button on the map. You can select individual countries and see their data over time in both the tables and the graph.

Stories of contribution

Click on the pins on the map to discover stories from a country and its personnel that work for peace.


UN Photo / Mélanie Malenfant

106 women police officers from Bangladesh are working in Haiti to help ensure the safety of Pétionville IDP camp in the Haitian capital, where they are patrolling alongside officers of the National Police. Bangladesh provides two of peacekeeping's three female-only police units. Overall Bangladesh is the largest contributor of police personnel to UN Peacekeeping (August 2013).

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UN Footage

Want to know what it is like to be a UN Peacekeeper on patrol? Watch these Nepalese peacekeepers on foot patrol in flooded areas of Jonglei, South Sudan, reassuring villagers that have deserted their homes due to civil unrest. Nepal is one of the top ten contributors of personnel to UN Peacekeeping (August 2013).

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Republic of Korea

UN Photo / Pasqual Gorriz

Meet Peacekeeper Sgt. Ji-Young Lee of the South Korean contingent Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit. The South Koreans contribute over 300 troops to the UN mission in Lebanon (UNIFIL) where the contingent cooperates with the Lebanese Armed Forces and assists local communities (August 2013).

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UN Photo / Staton Winter

The Philippines contributes over 300 troops to the UN mission in the Golan Heights (UNDOF), (August 2013). Despite the escalating turmoil, the Philippines have remained committed to UNDOF during the Syria crisis.

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UN Photo

Indonesia contributes nearly 2000 troops and police across six UN peacekeeping missions (August 2013). Over 1000 of those troops are serving with the UN mission in Lebanon (UNIFIL) where they established a medical house for the local population.

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UN Photo / Sylvain Liechti

Lieutenant General Santos Cruz of Brazil is the Force Commander of our Mission in DR Congo (MONUSCO), appointed by the UN Secretary-General in May 2013. He had previously served as Force Commander in Haiti. Brazil contributes over 1700 Military and police personnel to UN Peacekeeping (August 2013).

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Source: MCpl Marc-Andre Gaudreault,
Canadian Forces Combat Camera

Check out the peacekeeping work of 34 soldiers from the Canadian Army in Haiti as part of Operation Hamlet. Working with MINUSTAH's Brazilian Battalion, the soldiers are helping bring security and stability to the people of Port-au-Prince.

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United States

Source: US Army Ms Lisa Ferdinando (ARNEWS)

Brig. Gen. Hugh Van Roosen from the USA is pictured here serving as the Force Chief of Staff for the UN Peacekeeping mission in Liberia (UNMIL). His assignment, which began in June 2012, entailed transitioning the size of the military force and building the capacity of the Liberian armed forces. Van Roosen said: "The U.S. continuing to demonstrate a commitment to U.N. peacekeeping shows that we are indeed a partner in a worldwide sense..the mission has been highly successful in maintaining stability and peace and transitioning security responsibilities,.it will be a great moment when a successful transition is complete, knowing that the U.S. military has had a significant role to play."

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UN Photo / Martine Perret

India contributes nearly 2000 troops to the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), (August 2013). Here Captain Vinayak Kumar Upadhyay accompanies peacekeepers on a patrol near Walgak. Their company of 80 men is based in Akobo.

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UN Photo / Albert González Farran

Pakistan's Lieutenant General Maqsood Ahmed was appointed in 2013 as the top Military Adviser for UN Peacekeeping. Along with leadership roles, Pakistan is an important UN Peacekeeping partner contributing over 8,000 troops and police across six missions (August 2013), more than any other nation.

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UN Photo / Frederic Fath

The Senegalese contingent carried out the first patrol by the UN Police in Bamako, Mali at the end of July 2013. They patrolled the streets of Bamako to prevent any violence in the first round of presidential elections. Senegal provides nearly 800 peacekeepers to our mission In Mali (MINUSMA), (August 2013).

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UN Photo / Mark Garten

Germany provided the UN with its most senior police officer, when Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon appointed Stefan Feller as the new UN Police Adviser in the Department of Peacekeeping Operations. Mr. Feller has more than 36 years of professional experience in national and international policing.

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UN Photo / Pasqual Gorriz

Peacekeeper Cpl. Assunta Murano from Italy is a tank pilot, photographed with her crew at the headquarters of the UN mission in Lebanon (UNIFIL). Italy provides over 1000 troops to this mission including the Head of Mission and Force Commander Major General Serra (August 2013).

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UN Photo / Albert González Farran

Nigeria has a battalion of 860 soldiers deployed in El Daein, Darfur (August 2013), that are tasked with providing security in the area. Here one of the Nigerian peacekeepers escorts a water point in El Daein, East Darfur. Nigeria is in the top five contributors of uniformed personnel to UN Peacekeeping (August 2013).

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UN Photo / Ghifar Charafeddine

Ghana are one of the top ten contributors of military personnel having peacekeepers in ten of our operations (August 2013). Here Ghanian peacekeepers with our mission in Lebanon are seen teaching English to Lebanese students.

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UN Photo

Here Police Advisor Hakan from Turkey is seen teaching self-defense classes to cadets at the Police Training Center in Yambio, South Sudan. Hakan work with his South Sudanese counterparts to build trust between the community and the police. Turkey contributes 20 police officers to the UN mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), (August 2013).

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UN Photo

Jordan are the second biggest contributor of police to peacekeeping, with officers serving in seven mission across the world (August 2013). Here a member of the Jordanian Formed Police Unit in Côte d'Ivoire is seen distributing meals in Abidjan.


UN Photo / Albert González Farran

Military Observer Major Mohamed Ahmed Shabana, from Egypt, is pictured here at the joint AU-UN Mission headquarters in El Fasher, North Darfur. Mr. Ahmed has been serving in UNAMID since September 2012, conducting patrols in North Darfur. After finishing his service in Darfur, he will go back to Egypt to resume his responsibilities as a logistics officer. Egypt contributes nearly 3,000 police and military to peacekeeping (August 2013).


UN Photo / Daniel Adekera

The Ethiopian Battalion from the UN Interim Security Force for Abyei (UNISFA) responded to a request from the community after a man was killed and his cattle stolen. After nearly a day tracking and coming under fire from the armed assailants, the Ethiopian peacekeepers are seen here returning all 38 cattle back to the community. Ethiopia contributes more than 3,500 troops to UNISFA (August 2013).

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UN Photo

Last year we welcomed the arrival of a contingent of female police officers to our peacekeeping missing in Côte d'Ivoire. The contingent of 15 female police officers from Rwanda was the first formed police unit to serve with the UN Operation in Côte d'Ivoire (UNOCI) since it was established in 2004. Rwanda is in the top ten contributors of both police and military personnel to peacekeeping (August 2013).

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UN Photo / Qader Al Habahabeh

China is preparing in 2013 to send a Formed Police Unit to our peacekeeping mission in Liberia (UNMIL). The 140-officer unit will be the first Chinese FPU in Liberia. The UN expects it will be fully operational in October helping to provide safety and security in Greenville, a port town in the southeastern coast of the country.

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UN Photo / Albert González Farran

The Mongolian medical team posted in Kabkabiya, Darfur has 68 personnel, 34 men and 34 women. They operate the hospital in the team site, which has dentist clinic, surgery theatre, pediatric service, trauma and neurologic service. For the last two years, the hospital attended to 11,000 people (7,000 people from the local community).

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UN Photo / Sylvain Liechti

In March 2013 the Security Council authorized the deployment of an intervention brigade in MONUSCO. The brigade is based in North Kivu province, made up of just over 3,000 peacekeepers and is tasked with neutralizing armed groups. Tanzania contributes more than 100 troops on the ground as part of the brigade. Overall Tanzania is one of the top ten troop contributors to UN Peacekeeping globally (August 2013).

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