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A Conversation with Sir Brian Urquhart

Sir Brian Urquhart occupies a special place in UN history by playing a critical role in the development of United Nations peacekeeping and conflict resolution concepts.

Portrait of Sir Brian Urquhart.

UN Photo

Sir Brian Urquhart, photographed as Under-Secretary-General for Special Political Affairs in 1984.

Throughout his four decades of service to the United Nations, starting as one of its very first staff members and ending as an Under-Secretary-General for Special Political Affairs, Brian Urquhart has helped shape history-making moments. He was present for the birth of the United Nations in 1945, and was witness to many of the Organization’s - and the world’s - seminal milestones.

As Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in a tribute message on the occasion of Sir Brian’s 90th birthday four years ago, "You have had an enormous influence on every Secretary-General. Even today, staffers everywhere seek to live up to your example. And you remain one of our wisest and staunchest advocates."

This two-part multimedia story, prepared by the United Nations News Centre, is available online.