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UN Peackeeping content is increasingly available in video, audio and photo format.


Actor George Clooney speaks of UN Peacekeepers.

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Peacekeeping continues to strive towards greater performance, efficiency and cost-effectiveness, introducing new technologies and strengthening our partnerships worldwide, and we are committed to working 'Together for Peace'.

What is the difference between war and peace? UN Peacekeeping is a unique global partnership going to places where others can't or won't go, empowering war-torn countries to build a lasting peace.



We support radio stations and radio programmes in many of our host countries. Listen to UN content from around the world:


Infographics about conflict in Mali
Infographics about conflict in South Sudan
Infographics about conflict in Central African Republic


View photos from across our missions on the UN Photo Flickr channel and the UN Peacekeeping Flickr channel.