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UNMIL Mandate

The original mandate of UNMIL was set out by Security Council resolution 1509 (2003) PDF Documentwhich established the mission in September 2003. Throughout the years, the mandate of the Mission has been adjusted on several occasions to reflect on the security situation and new developments in the country. By its resolution 2215 (2015) PDF Document of 2 April 2015, the Security Council decided that the mandate of UNMIL shall be the following, in priority order:

Protection of Civilians

  • To protect, without prejudice to the primary responsibility of the Liberian authorities, the civilian population from threat of physical violence, within its capabilities and areas of deployment;

Humanitarian Assistance Support

  • To facilitate the provision of humanitarian assistance, including in collaboration with the Government of Liberia, and those supporting it, and by helping to establish the necessary security conditions;
  • To coordinate with UNMEER, as appropriate;

Reform of Justice and Security Institutions

  • To assist the Government of Liberia in developing and implementing, as soon as possible and in close coordination with bilateral and multilateral partners, its national strategy on Security Sector Reform (SSR);
  • To advise the Government of Liberia on SSR and the organization of the LNP and BIN to provide technical assistance, co-location and mentoring programs for the LNP and BIN, with a particular focus on developing the leadership and internal management systems of the LNP and BIN, as well as for justice and corrections;
  • To assist the Government of Liberia in extending national justice and security sector services throughout the country through capacity-building and training;
  • To assist the Government of Liberia to coordinate these efforts with all partners, including bilateral and multilateral donors;

Human Rights Promotion and Protection

  • To carry out promotion, protection and monitoring activities of human rights in Liberia, with special attention to violations and abuses committed against children and women, notably sexual-and gender-based violence;
  • To support the strengthening of efforts by the Government of Liberia to combat sexual-and gender-based violence, including its efforts to combat impunity for perpetrators of such crimes;

Protection of United Nations personnel

  • To protect the United Nations personnel, installations and equipment and ensure the security and freedom of movement of United Nations and associated personnel.