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UNMIL Mandate

The original mandate of UNMIL was set out by Security Council resolution 1509 (2003) PDF Document which established the mission in September 2003. According to resolution 2066 (2012) PDF Document, adopted by the Council on 17 September 2012, UNMIL’s current primary tasks include:

  • Support the Government in order to solidify peace and stability in Liberia and to protect civilians;
  • Support the Liberian Government’s efforts to achieve a successful transition of complete security responsibility to the Liberia National Police (LNP) by strengthening the LNP’s capabilities to manage existing personnel, improve training programmes to expedite their readiness to assume security responsibilities, and coordinate these efforts with all partners, including the Government of Liberia, the national police leadership, and donor partners;
  • Work with the Liberian Government for progress in the reform and restructuring of the justice sector;
  • Support the people and the Government of Liberia in taking forward the identified priorities, including national reconciliation, constitutional reform and decentralization, while enhancing its support for security sector and rule of law reforms;
  • Combat impunity for perpetrators of sexual and gender-based violence and to provide redress, support, and protection to victims, including through the strengthening of national police capacity in this area and by raising awareness of existing national legislation on sexual violence;
  • Ensure regular interaction with the civilian population to raise awareness and understanding about its mandate and activities;
  • Support the participation of women in conflict prevention, conflict resolution and peacebuilding, including in decision-making roles in post-conflict governance institutions, appointed and elected in Liberia;
  • Enhance inter-mission cooperation with UNOCI or the stabilization of the border area, including through the development of a shared, strategic vision and plan, in support of the Ivorian and Liberian authorities;
  • Coordinate and collaborate with the Peacebuilding Commission and support timely completion of the justice and security hubs.