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UNMIK peacekeepers inspecting bypass roads in northern Kosovo.
15 October 2011
UNMIK Photo/Olivier Salgado
UN peacekeepers inspecting roads near three UN vehicles.

Mission facts

  • Location:
  • Headquarters:
    Pristina, Kosovo
  • Duration:
    June 1999 to present

Promoting security, stability and respect for human rights in Kosovo

Originally, the Security Council, by its resolution 1244 PDF Document of 10 June 1999, authorized the Secretary-General to establish an international civil presence in Kosovo – the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) – in order to provide an interim administration for Kosovo under which the people of Kosovo could enjoy substantial autonomy. Its task was unprecedented in complexity and scope; the Council vested UNMIK with authority over the territory and people of Kosovo, including all legislative and executive powers and administration of the judiciary.

Subsequently, following the declaration of independence by the Kosovo authorities and the entry into force of a new constitution on 15 June 2008, the tasks of the Mission have significantly been modified to focus primarily on the promotion of security, stability and respect for human rights in Kosovo.