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December 2003  
11 December 2003 First UN Human Rights Awards to Timorese activists
10 December 2003

Dili District hand-over highlight of Human Rights Day celebrations

2 December 2003

UNMISET launches capacity-building programme for national staff

1 December 2003

World Aids Day: Several hundred in Dili march, PM pledges resources to fight virus

November 2003  
28 November 2003

THAIBATT Farewell Parade: DA praises PKF contribution to security and assistance to community

22 November 2003

UNMISET opens new primary school in Timor Leste

15 November 2003 Sector West Farewell Parade 'You've gained a place in the history of this country'
13 November 2003 Conference on Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration: Calls for concerted effort to curb corruption and for 'change of mindset'
October 2003  
22 October 2003 Last PKF Japanese contingent deploys in Timor-Leste
21 October 2003 UN, Japan support national immunisation campaign
21 October 2003 ROKBATT bids farewell to Timor-Leste: 'We say good-bye to friends who have given their best'
18 October 2003 PKF hands over last junction point to BPU
10 October 2003 PKF distributes foodstuffs and school books in isolated village
2 October 2003 PKF soldiers donate school books to Timorese children
September 2003  
30 September 2003 Consultation meeting on justice sector: 'Significant achievements but many challenges remain'
16 September 2003 Baucau police hand-over: 'Police must be non-partisan and respectful of human rights'
August 2003  
7 August 2003 UNIFEM Executive Director praises "spirit of Timorese women"
7 August 2003 President thanks Special Representative and Force Commander for football tournament
3 August 2003 Hand-over of policing responsibilities in Oecussivv
1 August 2003 UNMISET air ambulances "the difference between life and death to Timorese women and children"
July 2003  
30 July 2003 President of UN General Assembly 'convinced Timor-Leste is heading in the right direction'
30 July 2003 President of UN GA pays tribute to victims of '99 Church killings
28 July 2003 UNVs donate nearly one tonne of food supplies to orphanage
28 July 2003 President of UN General Assembly addresses National Parliament
21 July 2003 SG names next Force Commander
2 July 2003 Australian aviation leaves Timor-Leste
June 2003  
23 June 2003 Martial arts groups: Police and group leaders working together to curb criminal activity by individual members
18 June 2003 Flooding in the south: UNMISET, UN agencies helping nearly 600 people
12 June 2003 17 Timorese graduate from PKF engineering equipment training
6 June 2003 Justice sector Consultation Meeting ends: 'Fair and efficient justice key to a democratic state'
5 June 2003 Major Consultation Meeting on Justice Sector
5 June 2003 F-FDTL officers visit PKF Sector West Headquarters
3 June 2003 PNTL Special Units workshop: RDTL government calls for continued support from international community
2 June 2003 RDTL government, PNTL and development partners discuss needs of police Special Units.
May 2003  
29 May 2003 RDTL President thanks UN Peacekeepers for their 'unwavering dedication and brave service'
21 May 2003 PKF turns school ground into soccer field
20 May 2003 RDTL President praises UNMISET involvement in anniversary celebrations
17 May 2003 RDTL President tells UNMISET: 'You are our brothers'
15 May 2003 PKF pays tribute to Fijian Platoon
April 2003  
22 April 2003 SRSG addresses PNTL institutional capacity-building workshop: 'A Landmark Event in Defining the Future of PNTL'
4 April 2003 SRSG: Lautem hand-over a 'historic day for Lautem and Timor-Leste'
March 2003  
27 March 2003 PKF bid farewell to Portuguese marine
26 March 2003 SRSG addresses MDG workshop: millennium development goals 'a charter of basic human dignity'
25 March 2003 'Respect' will respond to many of Timor-Leste's priority employment needs
12 March 2003 RoK soldiers remembered
7 March 2003 SRSG pays respects to PKF soldiers who died in river accident
6 March 2003 SRSG: Oil & Gas and Mining conference 'a milestone'
4 March 2003 Suai Church Massacre Monument: 'UN committed to peace and reconciliation and to the cause of justice'
4 March 2003 Atabae attacks: four suspects appear in court
February 2003  
28 February 2003 Atabae attacks: three more suspects detained
28 February 2003 Atabae attacks: second suspect detained
27 February 2003 Atabae attacks: one suspect in custody
25 February 2003 Serious crimes process in Timor-Leste
25 February 2003 SRAG Kamalesh Sharma visits Maliana
25 February 2003 DSRSG Sukehiro Hasegawa met former civil servants
19 February 2003 Sweden contributes u$ 100,000 to Veterans Commissions
17 February 2003 SRSG attends inauguration of CAVR National Office
12 February 2003 Denmark donates U$ 50,000 for Becora repairs
1 February 2003 Continued deployment of F-FDTL in Ermera
1 February 2003 Success of F-FDTL in Ermera
January 2003  
31 January 2003 DSRSG visits Atsabe
30 January 2003 DSRSG meets with Hatolia residents
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