UN East Timor Administrator in Sydney for talks on Australia's role in territory, 30 November 1999
UN reports rise in violence against suspected militia in East Timor, 29 November 1999
UN human rights investigators arrive in East Timor, 26 November 1999
UN-backed multinational force, Indonesian military sign pact to step up East Timorese repatriation, 22 November 1999
UN, East Timor leaders pledge commitment to dialogue and cooperation, 19 November 1999
UN panel set to visit East Timor to probe alleged atrocities, 19 November 1999
Head of UN transitional administration takes up duties in East Timor, 17 November 1999
UN population fund distributing emergency home delivery kits in East Timor, 16 November 1999
The United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) today endorsed an international inquiry into alleged human rights violations in East Timor, 15 November 1999
Indonesian army pledges help for UN refugee camp in West Timor, 12 November 1999
UN continues efforts to help returning East Timorese amid concerns over militia harassment, 11 November 1999
UN food agency steps up efforts to bring aid to East Timor before rainy season, 9 November 1999
Senior Japanese development expert named deputy head of UN mission in East Timor, 9 November 1999
UN experts investigating alleged human rights abuses in East Timor, 8 November 1999
Militias continue to harass UN refugee agency staff in West Timor, 5 November 1999
Militias harass UN staff helping refugees return to East Timor, 4 November 1999
Australian Foreign Minister foresees "seamless transition" from multinational force to UN peacekeepers in East Timor, 2 November 1999
UNHCR renews plea to Indonesia for access to refugee camps in West Timor, 1 November 1999
East Timorese resistance leader attends farewell ceremony for departing Indonesian troops, 1 November 1999

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