March 2001
UN East Timor administrator praises Gusmão on "crucial" role in National Council, 30 March 2001
Strengthened "Timorization" paves way to viable independence, 29 March 2001
Head of UN mission meets former pro-Indonesia leaders, 28 March 2001
East Timor votes against consultative process leading to constitution, 27 March 2001
UN refugee agency repatriates East Timorese from West Timor town, 23 March 2001
Reconciliation committee set up in East Timor town following riot, 21 March 2001
Over 6,000 people registered for East Timor elections, 20 March 2001
Following riot, security situation in eastern East Timor is "calm.", 19 March 2001
East Timor schedules first democratic elections for 30 August, 16 March 2001
Communities must help police fight violence in East Timor, head of UN mission says, 15 March 2001
Deploring religious intolerance, UN readies probe of Baucau incidents, 09 March 2001
UN mission sends team to investigate violence in East Timor town, 08 March 2001
UN police in East Timor quell disturbance at student meeting, 07 March 2001
More than 600 refugees return to East Timor: UN mission, 6 March 2001
UN peacekeepers hand over control of airport to private company, 01 March 2001

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