MARCH 2000

Indonesia extends deadline for refugee returns to East Timor, 31 March 2000

Head of UN mission in East Timor meets Indonesian President to discuss border issues, 30 March 2000

UNHCR warns against Indonesia's planned cut-off of aid for East Timorese refugees, 29 March 2000

Refugees return from West to East Timor in growing numbers, 28 March 2000

UN-backed police academy opens in East Timor, 27 March 2000

UN inaugurates new public service commission for East Timor, 24 March 2000

Most East Timorese children back in school, says UN 23 March 2000

Accidental explosion kills three children in East Timor, 22 March 2000

Security Council briefed on latest developments in East Timor, 21 March 2000

Over 1000 refugees return to East Timor from Kupang: UNHCR, 14 March 2000

UN reports "positive" meetings between former foes in East Timor , 13 March 2000

After UN warnings, Indonesia promises to curb militiaattacks in East Timor , 10 March 2000

UN refugee agency concerned over deadline for repatriationof East Timorese, 10 March 2000

International force in East Timor reports clashes with militia, 9 March 2000

UN establishes East Timor's first tax system, 9 March 2000

UN officials in Jakarta to discuss recent incursions into East Timor, 8 March 2000

UN troops in East Timor arrest armed attacker near Indonesian, 7 March 2000

UN mission in East Timor reports another violent border incursion by militia, 6 March 2000

UN heightens security in parts of East Timor after shooting incidents, 3 March 2000

First police officers of rapid response team arrive in East Timor, 2 March 2000

New Indonesia/UN accord in East Timor seen as a major step forward, 1 March 2000

UNICEF launches major vaccination campaign for children in East Timor, 1 March 2000

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