JUNE 2000

East Timor may be ready for elections in autumn of 2001, Security Council told, 27 June 2000

"Serious crime" files handed over to UN mission in East Timor for trial, 26 June 2000

Increased donor support pledged for UN efforts in East Timor, 23 June 2000

At donor meeting on East Timor, head of UN mission stresses need for sustained aid, 22 June 2000

No injuries reported in an attack on UN peacekeepers in East Timor, 21 June 2000

Illegal ammunition seized by UN mission in East Timor, 16 June 2000

First women's congress held in East Timor, 14 June 2000

West Timor Governor visits Dili for talks with UN officials, 8 June 2000

UN signs grant with World Bank to revamp East Timor's health sector, 7 June 2000

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