UN expresses regret over death of Indonesian soldier in East Timor border incident, 30 July 2001
East Timor independence in sight, still much work to do, Security Council told, 30 July 2001
Over 173,000 East Timorese inspect voter list as deadline nears: UN mission, 26 July 2001
East Timorese making broad advances towards independence: Annan, 25 July 2001
East Timorese voters get more time to review electoral roll: UN mission, 24 July 2001
UN, Indonesia decide to set up committee on border agreements, 20 July 2001
UN, East Timorese leaders invited to attend ASEAN meeting, 19 July 2001
UN, Indonesia to discuss East Timor border issues, 18 July 2001
Militia member sentenced in murder of local UN worker, 17 July 2001
East Timor sees flurry of political activity ahead of UN-sponsored elections, 16 July 2001
Constitutional hearings draw 30,000 East Timorese, UN mission says, 13 July 2001
Head of UN mission pledges security for upcoming elections, 12 July 2001
Deadline passes for challenges to East Timorese election candidates: UN mission, 11 July 2001
All 16 political parties registered for 30 August elections, UN says, 10 July 2001
First trial for 1999 crimes against humanity opens in East Timor, 09 July 2001
Police officers suspected of rape will enjoy no immunity, UN official says, 06 July 2001

Timor Sea accord initialled; Ms. Fréchette completes 4-day visit, 5 July 2001

Timor Sea arrangement, negotiated by UN, approved by East Timor cabinet , 3 July 2001
East Timor: UN registration effort reaches 93 per cent of population, 2 July 2001

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