APRIL 2000

UN refugee agency welcomes Indonesia's "resettle or resign" message to soldiers in West Timor, 28 April 2000

Security improves in East Timor but economy needs boost, says top UN official, 27 April 2000

East Timor takes first step towards establishing labour laws, 27 April 2000

Ex-soldiers continue to return from Indonesia to East Timor: UNHCR, 18 April 2000

UN and USAID join forces to alleviate unemployment in East Timor, 17 April 2000

UN set to launch $40 million plan to restore health services in East Timor, 13 April 2000

UN signs agreement with Indonesia on border issues between East and West Timor, 11 April 2000

Repatriation to East Timor slows down: UNHCR, 6 April 2000

Annan welcomes UN-Indonesia accord on judicial cooperation in East Timor, 6 April 2000

UN takes steps to promote East Timorese participation in new administration, 5 April 2000

Peace-building progress in East Timor assessed by head of UN mission, 5 April 2000

Ex-soldiers return to East Timor in largest repatriation to date: UNHCR, 4 April 2000

UN launches $500,000 job-creation project in East Timor, 3 April 2000

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