Earthquake in Haiti

The devastating earthquake that hit Haiti on 12 January 2010, taking the lives of thousands of Haitians and almost a hundred UN peacekeepers, was the biggest single loss of life in the history of UN peacekeeping.

The tributes below were prepared based on information gathered from a number of sources, both within and outside the United Nations. They were drafted in the weeks that followed the Haiti earthquake of 12 January 2010, in order to pay tribute to UN personnel who were killed. The tributes were intended for an internal audience of UN staff. As a courtesy to family members and friends of the victims, and at the request of several UN Member States, they are republished in their entirety on this public page. They are not intended to be, nor should they be construed as, an official record of the United Nations. They should not be attributed any official status as to documenting the situation of the individuals mentioned or not mentioned.

Confirmed UN Peacekeeping Fatalities of 12 January 2010

Raed Faraj Alkhawaldeh's portrait

Corporal Raed Faraj Alkhawaldeh (Jordan)

Ata Issa Almanasir's portrait

Major Ata Issa Almanasir (Jordan)

Lionel Amar's portrait

Mr. Lionel Amar (France)
UN Police

Antônio José Anacleto's portrait

Third Sergeant Antonio José Anacleto (Brazil)

Hédi Annabi's portrait

Hédi Annabi (Tunisia)
Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of Mission

Pierrena Annilus' portrait

Ms. Pierrena Annilus (Haiti)
Administrative Assistant

Mesonne Antoine's portrait

Mr. Mesonne Antoine (Haiti)
Security Guard

Janice Dorado Arocena

Sergeant Janice Dorado Arocena (Philippines)

Mamadou Bah's portrait

Mr. Mamadou Bah (France)
Public Information Officer

Nicole Lola Bahaya's portrait

Ms. Nicole Lola Bahaya (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
United Nations Volunteer

Ann Barnes' portrait

Ms. Ann Barnes (United Kingdom)
Personal Assistant to the Police Commissioner

Raniel Batista de Camargos' portrait

Second Lieutenant Raniel Batista De Camargos (Brazil)

Jerry Bazile's portrait

Mr. Jerry Bazile (Haiti)

Mario Bazile's portrait

Mr. Mario Bazile (Haiti)
Public Information Assistant

Parnel Beauvoir's portrait

Mr. Parnel Beauvoir (Haiti)
Public Information Officer

Eustacio Cajucom Bermudez Jr.'s portrait

Sergeant Eustacio Cajucom Bermudez Jr. (Philippines)

Farah Boereau's portrait

Ms. Farah Boereau (Haiti)

Kai Buchholz's portrait

Mr. Kai Buchholz (Germany)
Special Assistant to the Principal Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General

Cheick Boundou Camara's portrait

Mr. Cheick Boundou Camara (Guinea)
UN Police

Renée Carrier's portrait

Ms. Renée Carrier (Canada)
Personal Assistant to the Special Representative

Leonardo de Castro Carvalho's portrait

First Sergeant Leonardo de Castro Carvalho (Brazil)

Maria Antonieta Castillo Santa Maria's portrait

Ms. Maria Antonieta Castillo Santa Maria (Mexico)
Administrative Assistant

Ericka Chambers Norman's portrait

Ms. Ericka Chambers Norman (USA)
Board of Inquiry Officer

Doug Coates' portrait

Mr. Douglas Coates (Canada)
Acting Police Commissioner

James Coates' portrait

Mr. James Coates (Canada)
Administrative Assistant

Mamadi Conde's portrait

Mr. Mamadi Conde (Guinea)
United Nations Volunteer

Cecilia Corneo's portrait

Ms. Cecilia Corneo (Italy)
Programme Officer

Luiz Carlos da Costa's portrait

Mr. Luiz Carlos da Costa (Brazil)
Deputy Special Representative to Haiti

Rosa Crespo-Biel's portrait

Ms. Rosa Crespo Biel (Spain)
UN Police

Marcus Vinicius Macedo Cysneiros

Colonel Marcus Vinícius Macedo Cysneiros (Brazil)

Davi Ramos de Lima's portrait

First Sergeant Davi Ramos De Lima (Brazil)

Junior Délinois' portrait

Mr. Junior Délinois (Haiti)
Language Teacher

Tiago Anaya Detimermani's portrait

Third Sergeant Tiago Anaya Detimermani (Brazil)

Philippe Dewez' portrait

Mr. Philippe Dewez (Belgium)
Special Adviser

Varnel Dimanche's portrait

Mr. Varnel Dimanche (Haiti)
Language Assistant

Alexandra Duguay's portrait

Ms. Alexandra Duguay (Canada)
Public Information Assistant

Dede Yebovi Fadairo's portrait

Ms. Dede Yebovi Fadairo (Nigeria)
Associate Report Writing Officer

Ari Dirceu Fernandes Júnior's portrait

Third Sergeant Arí Dirceu Fernandes Júnior (Brazil)

Mark Gallagher's portrait

Mr. Mark Gallagher (Canada)
UN Police

Guido Galli's portrait

Mr. Guido Galli (Italy) 
Senior Political Affairs Officer

Gerthy Germain's portrait

Ms. Gerthy Germain (Haiti)

Gustavo Ariel Gomez's portrait

Mr. Gustavo Ariel Gomez (Argentina)
UN Police

Felipe Goncalves Julio

Third Sergeant Felipe Gonçalves Júlio (Brazil)

Andrew Grene's portrait

Mr. Andrew Grene (USA)
Special Assistant to the Special Representative

Marcio Guimarães Martins' portrait

Lieutenant Colonel Marcio Guimarães Martins (Brazil)

Jan Olaf Hausotter's portrait

Mr. Jan Olaf Hausotter (Germany)
Political Affairs Officer

He Zhihong's portrait

Ms. He Zhihong (China)
UN Police

Karimou Ide's portrait

Mr. Karimou Ide (Niger) 
Security Officer

Salifou Imorou's portrait

Mr. Salifou Imorou (Benin)
UN Police

HAshraf Ali Mohammad Jayousi's portrait

Major Ashraf Ali Mohammad Jayousi (Jordan)

Stevenson Jean-Louis' portrait

Mr. Stevenson Jean-Louis (Haiti)

Marie Renée Joseph's portrait

Ms. Marie Renée Joseph (Haiti)
Security Guard

Frantoumani Kourouma's portrait

Mr. Frantoumani Kourouma (Guinea)
UN Police

Batipa Agnes Koura's portrait

Ms. Batipa Agnes Koura (Benin)
UN Police

Jean-Philippe Laberge's portrait

Mr. Jean-Philippe Laberge (Canada)
Civil/Military Coordination Officer

Rachelle Laime's portrait

Ms. Rachelle Laime (Haiti)
Security Guard

Laurent Le Briero's portrait

Mr. Laurent Le Briero (France)
UN Police

Gerard Chevallier's portrait

Mr. Gerard Le Chevallier (El Salvador)
Chief, Political Affairs and Planning Section

Li Qin's portrait

Mr. Li Qin (China)
UN Police

Rodrigo de Souza Lima's portrait

Second Sergeant Rodrigo de Souza Lima (Brazil)

Andrea Loi Valenzuela's portrait

Ms. Andrea Loi Valenzuela (Chile)
Human Rights Officer

Watanga Lwango's portrait

Mr. Watanga "Didier" Lwango (Democratic Republic of Congo) 
Audit Assistant

Issa Mairigia's portrait

Mr. Issa Mairigia (Niger)
UN Police

Bruno Ribeiro Mário's portrait

Captain Bruno Ribeiro Mário (Brazil)

Gonzalo Daniel Martirene Ruibal's portrait

Lieutenant Colonel Gonzalo Daniel Martirene Ruibal (Uruguay)

Lisa Mbele-Mbong's portrait

Ms. Lisa Mbele-Mbong (USA) 
Human Rights Officer

Riquet Michel's portrait

Mr. Riquet Michel (Haiti)
Radio Producer

Hebert Moise's portrait

Mr. Hebert Moise (Haiti)

Cleiton Neiva's portrait

Mr. Cleiton Neiva (Brazil)
Associate Security Officer

Josseline Nguekeu

Ms. Josseline Nguekeu (Cameroon)
Administrative Assistant

Nivah Odwori's portrait

Ms. Nivah Odwori (Kenya)
United Nations Volunteer /Electoral District Coordinator

Affis Okoro's portrait

Mr. Affis Okoro (Benin)
UN Police

Tadia Roger Onadja's portrait

Mr. Tadia Roger Onadja (Burkina Faso)
UN Police

Pearlie T. Panangui's portrait

Sergeant Pearlie Taub Panangui (Philippines)

Douglas Pedrotti Neckel's portrait

Third Sergeant Douglas Pedrotti Neckel (Brazil)

Frednel Pierre's portrait

Mr. Frednel Pierre (Haiti)

Ronald Pierre's portrait

Mr. Ronald Pierre (Haiti)
Driver for Political Affairs Section

Marc Plum's portrait

Mr. Marc Plum (France)
Chief, Electoral Assistance Section

Mirna Patricia Rodas Arreola's portrait

Ms. Mirna Patricia Rodas Arreola (Guatemala)
Administrative Assistant

Philippe Charles Claude Rouzier's portrait

Mr. Philippe Charles Claude Rouzier (Haiti)
Civil Affairs Officer

Kleber da Silva Santos's portrait

Third Sergeant Kléber da Silva Santos (Brazil)

Kleber da Silva Santos' portrait

Major General Emílio Carlos Torres Dos Santos (Brazil)

Washington Luiz de Souza Seraphim's portrait

Third Sergeant Washington Luiz de Souza Seraphim (Brazil)

Stanley Sainte Rose's portrait

Mr. Stanley Sainte Rose (Haiti)
Driver for Political Affairs Section

Guillaume Siemienski's portrait

Mr. Guillaume Siemienski (Canada) 
Political Affairs Officer

Rodrigo Augusto da Silva's portrait

Third Sergeant Rodrigo Augusto da Silva (Brazil)

Satnam Singh's portrait

Mr. Satnam Singh (India)
IT Technician/International Contractor (Trigyn Technologies Inc.)

Adamou Biga Souley's portrait

Mr. Adamou Biga Souley (Niger)
UN Police

Simone Rita Trudo's portrait

Ms. Simone Rita Trudo (France)
Personal Assistant to the Principal Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General

Nicole Valenta's portrait

Ms. Nicole Valenta (Germany)
Best Practices Officer

Francisco Adolfo Vianna Martins Filho's portrait

Lieutenant Colonel Francisco Adolfo Vianna Martins Filho (Brazil)

Frederick Wooldridge's portrait

Mr. Frederick Wooldridge (United Kingdom)
Political Affairs Officer

Jerome Yap's portrait

Mr. Jerome Yap (Philippines)
Personal Assistant to the Principal Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General  

João Eliseu Souza Zanin's portrait

Major General João Eliseu Souza Zanin (Brazil)

Zhao Huayu's portrait

Mr. Zhao Huayu (China)
UN Police

Zhong Jianqin's portrait

Mr. Zhong Jianqin (China)
UN Police