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Field support

The effectiveness of a peacekeeping or political mission depends to a large degree on logistical and other support: people, equipment, finance and resources.

A UN peacekeeper holding a rope and a hook.

UN Photo/Marco Dormino

A Brazilian member of MINUSTAH helping assemble a bridge to improve access to a village north of Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Supporting field missions includes providing rations to feed troops, air transport to move people around in places where there are almost no roads or infrastructure; well-trained staff with the full range of skills to deliver on multi-dimensional Security Council mandates.

UN field operations require a complex mission support system. We integrate logistical support assets - aircraft, vehicles, technology as well as people -  from a range of sources:

  • civilian assets owned and managed by the UN;
  • Member States;
  • military and formed police units;
  • commercially contracted assets – such as vehicles; communications and information technology medical equipment, accommodation and rations.

What does the UN provide?

The UN will provide:

  • fuel, water, accommodation and rations for contingents;
  • office and equipment, vehicles, utilities, communications and information technology for Military Observers, Staff Officers, UN Police and civilian staff;
  • aviation, cargo and passenger movement, and medical facilities for the whole of a mission.

What do member states provide?

Troop and police contributing countries (TCC/PCC) provide:

  • major equipment and self-sustainment capabilities including vehicles, generators;
  • catering, laundry, internet, organic medical and engineering.

The logistics support and service provided by a TCC/PCC varies. The details are agreed as part of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that is signed by the TCC/PCC and the UN.

What is contracted?

Additional services and equipment are also contracted commercially by the UN. These include cleaning, maintenance and security services.

Transforming our delivery

The Global Field Support Strategy [A/64/633] PDF Document is a five year project to transform the delivery of support to UN field missions to enhance effectiveness and efficiency of services. It consists of four pillars:

  • financial framework
  • modularization
  • service centres
  • human resources framework

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