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Department of Field Support

The Department of Field Support (DFS) provides dedicated support to peacekeeping field missions and political field missions.

A man carrying a large box out of a UN helicopter.

UN Photo/Martine Perret

An Electoral Officer accompanied by the United Nations Police, carries electoral material from the helicopter for distribution in Alas, Timor-Leste.

DFS provides support in the areas of finance, logistics, Information, communication and technology (ICT), human resources and general administration to help missions promote peace and security.

DFS has seven main offices:

  • Office of the Assistant Secretary-General
  • Field Personnel Division
  • Field Budget and Finance Division
  • Logistics Support Division
  • Information & Communications Technology Division
  • Policy Evaluation and Training (PET) Division
  • DFS also includes the United Nations Logistics Base in Brindisi (UNLB).

Head of Department

The Head of the Department of Field Support is Mr. Atul Khare»