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United Nations Peacebuilding Commission

Country-Specific Configurations

PBC Country-Specific Configurations (CSCs) look at issues particular to individual focus countries and bring together participants in New York linked via video-telecommunications with partners in the field through a series of formal and informal meetings at Headquarters as well as through field missions. Membership in the CSCs include all the members of the Organizational Committee and:

  1. The country under consideration;
  2. Countries in the region engaged in the post-conflict process and other countries that are involved in relief efforts and/or political dialogue, as well as relevant regional and subregional organizations;
  3. The major financial, troop and civilian police contributors involved in the recovery effort;
  4. The senior United Nations representative in the field and other relevant United Nations representatives;
  5. Such regional and international financial institutions as may be relevant.

Source: Resolution 60/180

In the enabling resolutions establishing the Peacebuilding Commission, resolutions 60/180 and 1645 (2005) of 20 December 2005, the United Nations General Assembly and the Security Council decided a country can be included on the PBC’s agenda via:

  1. Requests for advice from the Security Council;
  2. Requests for advice from the ECOSOC or the General Assembly with the consent of a concerned Member State in exceptional circumstances on the verge of lapsing or relapsing into conflict and with which the Security Council is not seized;
  3. Requests for advice from Member States in exceptional circumstances on the verge of lapsing or relapsing into conflict and which are not on the agenda of the Security Council;
  4. Requests for advice from the Secretary-General.

The Commission is likely to deal only with countries emerging from conflict, once a peace accord has been concluded and a minimum degree of security exists. Countries would be expected to express an interest in appearing before the PBC. A referral against the wish of the Government is unlikely to take place.

At present, Burundi, Sierra Leone, Guinea-Bissau, Central African Republic, Guinea and Liberia are on the agenda of the Commission.