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Communication tips to address workplace conflicts

Difficult conversation ahead? Be at ease!

Establishing a constructive conversation with someone who might not have the same understanding as ourselves can be challenging. Luckily, there are ways to take control of difficult situations and to deal with them proactively and positively. Here are some tips on how to approach a “difficult conversation”.

Give feedback – positively!

Feedback should not drag the other person down but should encourage him/her to develop and engage in ways to correct the situation. Giving constructive feedback is a skill that can be learned.

Dealing with criticism - constructively?!

Most of us have experienced this: A supervisor or colleague comes to your office and tells you in a disrespectful tone that your previous project was not handled well. There are no easy recipes on how to deal with complex conflict situations but the following might be helpful in transforming them into an opportunity for personal growth.

The power of apologies

While we may fear that apologizing to a colleague in a competitive environment might be perceived as a sign of weakness, an apology can actually show strength of character. It demonstrates emotional competence and reaffirms that both parties share values in their relationship they want to commit to.