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UN Internal Justice System

Internal Justice Council

The Internal Justice Council is a new body with an important role relating to the system of administration of justice. It is composed of three external experts and two staff members. Two of the members of the Internal Justice Council are nominated by management and two by staff, and a fifth member, serving as Chair, is selected by the initial four members. The Internal Justice Council's main task is to provide its views and recommendations to the General Assembly on candidates for judges to be appointed by the General Assembly to the UN Dispute Tribunal and the UN Appeals Tribunal (see judicial examination). The Council's mandate also includes preparing a Code of Conduct for the judges, and providing its views to the General Assembly on the implementation of the new system.

The members of the Internal Justice Council are:

  • Justice Ian Binnie, Chairperson (jurist chosen by consensus by the four IJC members)
  • Ms. Victoria Phillips (external jurist nominated by staff)
  • Mr. Sinha Basnayake (external jurist nominated by management)
  • Mr. Anthony Miller (management representative)
  • Ms. Carmen Artigas (staff representative)

Reports of the Internal Justice Council

The reports are available on the Resource Centre page.