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Office of Staff Legal Assistance

Time Limits

Please note that most matters under the United Nations system of administration of justice involve strict time limits to make formal submissions, e.g., requests for management evaluation, or applications to the UN Dispute Tribunal. The full responsibility for ensuring that time limits are met lies with the staff member who is appealing an administrative decision or who is charged with misconduct. It is therefore important that requests for OSLA assistance are presented in sufficient time to allow OSLA to properly assess if and how it may assist in cases. Please refer to individual time limits for the type of submission you might pursue.

Missed time limits could mean that a matter will be determined to be time-barred, in which case it most likely will not be considered on the merits by the relevant Tribunal or other body, no matter how compelling the substantive case may be. In the case of the UN Dispute Tribunal, for instance, article 8, paragraph 3 of its Statute provides that it may suspend or waive the deadlines to file an application "only in exceptional cases". OSLA therefore strongly suggest, in cases where time limits are imminent and where OSLA may not be able to immediately assist, that staff members make submissions, containing the basic elements of their case, on their own within the relevant time limits.