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Office of Staff Legal Assistance


Form Usage

PDF document Request for OSLA assistance

PDF document in French French version

Use this form to request legal assistance from OSLA. The form should be sent to OSLA NY. See How to obtain OSLA advice and assistance.
PDF document Consent form for legal representation Use this form to formally consent to legal representation from OSLA. The form needs to be signed by you before OSLA can consider your case.

Below are the contact telephone numbers for the main OSLA Office in New York and its sub-offices. If you're contacting OSLA about an urgent matter, then you should telephone, in addition to sending an email message. Please note that OSLA receives several hundred queries from UN staff members worldwide annually and we do our best to respond in a timely manner. Staff members are responsible for meeting all filing deadlines.

Office of Staff Legal Assistance
2 United Nations Plaza,
Room DC2-0650
New York, NY 10017, USA
Telephone: +1 212-963-3957
Fax: +1 212-963-0252
E-mail: osla@un.org

OSLA Nairobi
Telephone:  +254-20-762-6731
Telephone:  +254-20-762-6733

OSLA Addis Ababa
Telephone:  +251-115-443197

OSLA Beirut
Telephone:  +961-1-978534