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UN Appeals Tribunal

How to access the eFiling portal

To access the eFiling portal, you must first create an account using the account request form.

    Fill and submit the account request form.

    Check your email inbox. You will receive the following emails after submitting the form:

      an account activation email. To activate, simply click on the link contained within.

      a confirmation email with a link to the eFiling portal. Click on the link to go to the portal.

    if you do not receive an activation email, check your junk/spam/bulk mail folder.

    you will not be able to use your account until you activate it.

    Enter the login name and password you created to access the portal.

    Select "OAJ_CCM" as repository on the efiling login page.

    Select New York as location.

See the step-by-step instruction sheets on how to file a new case and how to file a submission to an existing case for a quick walk-through of either scenario.

Important notice: The eFiling portal is designed to be used with Internet Explorer only (version 10 and under) --if you are using a different browser than Internet Explorer version 7, you will be alerted upon logging in that your browser does not meet the requirements. In most cases you can ignore this message and click "OK" to continue. Mac users can use Safari.
Note that Mozilla Firefox (all versions) and Internet Explorer version 11 do not work! For the latest browser requirements and security settings for Internet Explorer, see the browser guide before logging in to the eFiling portal.

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