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UN Dispute Tribunal

What Kind of Decisions Can Be Appealed to the UNDT?

The authority of the UNDT is limited to what is called an "administrative decision" that is believed to be in non-compliance with the terms of the staff member’s appointment or employment, unless the staff member seeks to enforce a mediation agreement.

Although there is no formal definition of "administrative decisions", these are restricted to decisions that are taken by the United Nations, whether it is the UN Secretariat, including a UN field mission, a UN Fund and Programme, a Specialized Agency or another institution that has accepted the UNDT jurisdiction. The UNDT may only deal with decisions affecting an employment situation, such as non-promotion, non-selection, job entitlements, non-renewal, benefits and entitlements, dismissal and other disciplinary measures, and any other employment issues. More can be read about the requirements for the jurisdiction of the UNDT in articles 2 and 8 of the statute of the UNDT.