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Office of Administration of Internal Justice

Welcome to the Office of Administration of Justice (OAJ)

Find out how the internal justice system works at the UN and what to do, as a staff member, in case of a dispute. You will also find information about how to resolve a dispute informally, general information about OAJ and other useful references.

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Legal Assistance

A staff member may seek advice from the Office of Staff Legal Assistance at any stage of a dispute, or even in anticipation of a dispute.

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Dispute Tribunal

If a matter cannot be resolved informally, a staff member can file an application contesting an administrative decision to the UN Dispute Tribunal.

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Appeals Tribunal

Decisions by the Dispute Tribunal may be appealed, either by staff or the Administration, to the UN Appeals Tribunal. The Tribunal can also hear cases filed by other entities subject to a special agreement with the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

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