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Remember the Fallen

In Memoriam:  Algiers (2007)


23 January 2008
Geneva ceremony on 11 December 2007 Algiers bombing, in which Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon paid tribute to fallen colleagues. (39 minutes)

19 December 2007
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon addressed staff on his return to Headquarters at 11:00 AM on Wednesday, 19 December, after visiting survivors and families of victims of the bombing on UN offices in Algiers. (15 minutes)

12 December 2007
Special message
from Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on the Algiers attack at the "Commemorative High-level Plenary Meeting Devoted to the Follow-up to the Outcome of the Special Session on Children." The video was delivered from Bali. (4 minutes)

17 December 2007
UN Security Council - A minute of silence
to honour the memory of those who were killed
in the bombings on 11 December 2007 in Algiers. (2 minutes)

11 December 2007

UN Security Council - Open meeting
on the Adoption of Presidential Statement regarding Algiers bombing. (4 minutes)

11 December 2007
Informal comments
to the Media by the President of the Security Council and Permanent Representative of Italy Ambassador Marcello Spatafora and Mr. Youcef Yousfi Permanent Representative of Algeria, regarding the Algiers bombing. (1 minute)

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