Terms of reference

Key objectives and functions

The objective of the High-Level Task Force is to ensure comprehensive and coordinated understanding and action in responding to both immediate and longer-term food challenges.

The principal functions of the High-Level Task Force will include:

In order to facilitate the work of the High-Level Task Force, the Task Force Coordinator will chair a Senior Steering Group.  The Senior Steering Group will provide the Task Force with substantive analysis and advice and prepare the Comprehensive Framework for Action and related documents.  The Task Force Coordinator will also form a small Secretariat that will provide logistical support to both the Task Force and the Steering Group.

"High Level Task Force on the Global Food Crisis – Programme of Work 2009" PDF Document


The High-Level Task Force will be led and chaired by the United Nations Secretary-General. The Director-General of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization will be the Vice-Chairman of the Task Force and its membership will be comprised of relevant UN and Bretton Woods Institutions at principal/head of agency level. On a case-by-case basis, the Secretary-General may decide to invite other relevant heads of UN Secretariat departments, organizations and external experts to Task Force meetings. 

Meetings  and reporting

The High-Level Task Force will meet on an ad-hoc basis, as required.  The first meeting will take place in mid-May.  The Secretary-General will endeavor to actively communicate the work of the Task Force to all stakeholders, in particular Member States, through a number of high-level events, bilateral consultations as well as the creation of a public web site.