key events


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From FAO/ Giulio Napolitano

Date Event
17-18 May Consultation of the Comprehensive Framework for Action
17-18 May Dialogue on the UN's Comprehensive Framework for Action
9-12 Jun Global Conference on Aquaculture
24-25 Jun UN Global Compact Leaders Summit
26-27 Jun Summit of the Group of 20
25-27 Jun Summit of the Group of 8
29-30 Jul ECOSOC Development Cooperation Forum (DCF)

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Date Event
26-27 Jan High Level Meeting on Food Security for All


Date Event
25 Sept Millennium Development Goals High-Level Meeting
22 Sept Africa's Development Needs High-Level Meeting
7-9 July G8 Summit
7 July ECOSOC Substantive Session 2008
24 June Secretary-General chairs the 3rd High Level Task Force (HLTF) meeting on the Global Food Security Crisis
3-5 June High-Level Conference on World Food Security: Challenges of Climate Change and Bioenergy, Rome
23 May Special session of the Human Rights Council on "The negative impact on the realization of the right to food of the worsening of the world food crisis, caused, inter alia, by the soaring food prices"
20 May ECOSOC Ad-Hoc Session on the Global Food Crisis
12 May High Level Task Force meeting