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Mr. Nauludole "Matt" Mataitini

SG Awards

Winner, 2016 Secretary-General Award in the category of Collegiality

In Darfur, a high risk environment for UN personnel, Matt Mataitini, the Chief Security Advisor, is well known for his warm and encouraging managerial style. When Matt, who can look back to many years of meritorious service within the UN Security Management System, arrived in Darfur in 2015, he understood that in such a challenging security setting he needed a holistic and non-coercive management approach to create a positive and productive work atmosphere.

Mattar SGMatt decentralised decision making processes, providing more freedom of action to the team leaders at the field level. He nurtures and promotes an environment for supportive supervision throughout the Mission by encouraging field staff to share their ideas, think “out of the box” and develop programs. He provides advice and ensures that their ideas are supported and implemented. Matt pays particular attention to individual accomplishments.

He introduced a promotional and reassignment exercise within the Mission to international staff members with service of more than four years at a single duty station, enhancing morale and enthusiasm among the staff. Matt connects with people at a personal level. He makes sure that his staff receive the recognition they deserve, the training they need, and that they are assigned to re-deployments that are critical for their career development. Matt changed the culture of information sharing from “need to know” to “knowing will give you a better understanding of the bigger picture”.

While overcoming the challenges of staffing shortages, he ensured tapping into the resourcefulness of the national staff and enhanced their skills by providing training on the job as well as through dedicated programs. His approach, combined with an innate mix of the right personal attributes, has enabled him to deal effectively with mission senior leadership, staff at all levels of the organization and with local counterparts, thus enhancing security service delivery. The success of UN Security in Darfur is supported by the positive and productive work environment created by Matt.

Our congratulations to Mr. Mataitini for winning the Secretary-General Award 2016 in the category Collegiality!
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