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Ms. Kyoko MakiSG Awards

Winner, 2016 Secretary-General Award in the Category of Managing Change

For being especially adept at implementing change with the goal of creating a more efficient and truly global Secretariat, Kyoko Maki, Chief Cashier at UN Headquarters, has been honoured with the Secretary-General Award 2016 in the category Managing Change. As Chief Cashier at Headquarters, Kyoko Maki was well aware of the inefficiencies and redundancies of the UN’s archaic payment system, which relied on 500 bank accounts with more than 100 banks, managed by UN offices around the world.

When Umoja promised to supplant hundreds of legacy software systems and operating models with one common and worldwide ERP solution, Kyoko saw the opportunity for creating a new state-of-the-art integrated global payments system and spearheaded the work for its development and implementation.

Together with her Treasury colleagues, Kyoko was instrumental in building an infrastructure which allows for central oversight and visibility of all UN bank accounts on a daily basis. For the Umoja Cluster 2 and 3 roll-outs she brought in additional cashiers from the field and trained them on how to process payments through the new solution.

As the system was stabilized following the Cluster 4 roll-out, approximately 150 cashiers around the world received guidance and support from Kyoko at all times, while being given back the control of their local payments.


Kyoko helped develop a “house bank” structure that allows for central oversight and visibility of all of the UN’s bank accounts on a daily basis. As a result, cash management and reporting is greatly improved. In order to minimize the risk of delayed payments, Kyoko worked very hard and sometimes her days were filled with up to 18 hours of work. The streamlined payment infrastructure, on which we all depend on for our salary, is a result of Kyoko’s vision, perseverance, tenacity and direction.

Our congratulations to Kyoko Maki, who is now enjoying her retirement, for winning the Secretary-General Award 2016 in the category Managing Change!

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