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Sustainable UN Team: Ms. Isabella Marras, Mr. Shoa Ehsani, and Ms. Emma Hakansson

Winners, 2016 Secretary-General Award in the Category of Greening the UN

For ensuring that the United Nations acts in an environmentally responsible and suitable manner, to a team lead by UN Environment staff. The team clinched the 2016 Secretary-General Award for “Greening the UN”, last year’s category under which outstanding action above and beyond the call of duty was lauded. The team, which includes the Sustainable United Nations (SUN) team and the Issues Management Group (IMG) on Environmental Sustainability Management, was responsible for the Greening the Blue campaign. Isabella Marras, Sustainable UN Coordinator, Shoa Ehsani, UN Environment Climate Neutral Officer and Emma Hakansson, EMS Officer - along with Sustainability Focal Points across the UN - were recognized at the ceremony for their efforts to transform the environmental performance of the UN system. “By working with staff at all levels of the organization, the initiative has succeeded in creating an enthusiastic attitude for Greening the Blue,” said Ligia Noronha, Director, Division of Technology, Industry and Economics, UN Environment, in their nomination. The Sustainable United Nations (SUN) is responsible for coordinating the work needed to fulfill the commitment made by all UN organizations to become climate neutral, which includes measuring and reporting the environmental impact of the UN facilities and operations, publishing data on its greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental indicators such as waste and water management.

While overcoming the challenges of staffing shortages, he ensured tapping into the resourcefulness of the national staff and enhanced their skills by providing training on the job as well as through dedicated programs. His approach, combined with an innate mix of the right personal attributes, has enabled him to deal effectively with mission senior leadership, staff at all levels of the organization and with local counterparts, thus enhancing security service delivery. The success of UN Security in Darfur is supported by the positive and productive work environment created by Matt.

Our congratulations to the Sustainable UN Team (Ms. Isabella Marras, Mr. Shoa Ehsani, and Ms. Emma Hakansson) for winning the Secretary-General Award 2016 in the Category Greening the UN!

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