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Milestones of the renovation of United Nations Headquarters
in New York

The United Nations contracts an engineering firm, which reviews existing conditions of the UN Headquarters complex and finds them unacceptable for continued long-term use.

Submittal of the Capital Master Plan Study that outlines the work required to rectify this situation and provide a safe, secure, appropriate and energy-efficient facility.

February 2001
The General Assembly authorizes the Secretary-General to proceed with the preparation of comprehensive design plan and detailed cost analysis for the Capital Master Plan (A/RES/238).

February 2003
The General Assembly appropriates $25.5 million for design development and related project management costs.

January 2004
Design Phase begins.

February/March 2006
Complete design development plans.

June 2006
The General Assembly approves the phased renovation of the UN Headquarters while approximately three-quarters of the UN Headquarters occupants remain on site (Strategy IV of the Capital Master Plan, A/RES/60/282).

August 2006
Construction Documents Phase begins.

December 2006
The General Assembly approves a budget of $1,876.7 billion and a funding mechanism through Member States' assessments (A/RES/61/251).

July 2007
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon appoints Michael Adlerstein as Assistant-Secretary-General and Executive Director of the Capital Master Plan.

December 2007
The General Assembly approves the renovation of the Secretariat and the Conference buildings in one phase (Accelerated Strategy IV), reducing the time for the renovation from seven to five years, but creating the need for more staff to move to office swing space, A/RES/62/87).

May 2008
The groundbreaking for the construction of the North Lawn Building marks the beginning of the renovation of the UN Headquarters under the Capital Master Plan.

May 2009
Construction work begins in the basements of the UN Headquarters.

July 2009
Relocations of UN staff from their offices to swing space begin.

December 2009
Construction work starts in the Secretariat Building.

January 2010
Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon officially opens the North Lawn Building. The 190,000 square foot large temporary structure for approximately $140 million initially provides swing space for almost all the UN Headquarters' conference facilities and from 2012 to 2013 for the General Assembly. Among the 300 occupants of the building are the Secretary-General and the President of the General Assembly.

March 2010
The Security Council moves into the completed Interim Security Council Chamber and its associated rooms in the General Assembly Building. Construction work begins in the Conference Building.

May 2010
Approximately 6,000 moves to swing space have been completed.