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United Nations Department of Management

Support Services

The Office of Central Support Services (OCSS) ensures continued efficient, effective and high-quality support for substantive programmes in the areas of procurement, office space management facilities operation, broad casting support and oversees property management. Central support is also provided in the areas of travel and transportation, mail and pouch services, records management, commercial activities, and business continuity management. In addition, OCSS is responsible for the United Nations Postal Administration and the United Nations Archieves.

OCSS is headed by the Assistant-Secretary-General Mr. Stephen Cutts.

Reform Initiatives

Procurement has been a major focus of the United Nations reform initiatives in recent years. Various initiatives have been undertaken to strengthen internal controls, optimize United Nations acquisition and procurement, and strategically manage various procurement functions.


To enhance transparency, OCSS has enhanced public access to UN archival material by making much of its collection available online.