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Discussion Papers Series

Lenore Weitzman


Professor Lenore J. Weitzman is the author/editor of five books and many articles including Women in the Holocaust (Yale, 1999) co-edited with Professor Dalia Ofer. This seminal work focused attention on the importance of gender in the Second World War, and was the subject of her keynote speech at the annual Holocaust memorial ceremony of the United Nations in 2011. 

She is now completing a book on "the Kashariyot", the young women who were secret underground "couriers" for the Jewish resistance movements in the ghettos. This book chronicles their courageous missions to reach Jews trapped behind ghetto walls and to mobilize resistance, revolt, and rescue.

Lenore Weitzman has been a Professor of Sociology at Stanford University, the University of California, George Mason University, and Harvard University, where she received the Phi Beta Kappa distinguished teaching award. In 2011-12 she will be a Visiting Professor at the University of Michigan at the Frankel Institute.





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