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"Justice and Accountability after the Holocaust"
Wednesday, 9 November 2011
6:30 p.m.  – 8:30 p.m.


Karen Odaba Mosoti is the Head of the Liaison Office of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to the United Nations, New York, since October 2007.

Prior to this, she was the Legal Adviser to the Permanent Mission of Kenya to the United Nations and Kenya’s representative to the Sixth (Legal) Committee of the United Nations General Assembly and adviser on human rights issues in the Third Committee of the General Assembly. 

Previously, Ms. Mosoti served the Government of Kenya in various capacities, including as Legal Officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and as Senior State Counsel in the Office of the Attorney General. In that capacity, she participated and represented Kenya in numerous international conferences on matters of international law and human rights.  Ms. Mosoti was awarded the Chevening Scholarship (UK) in 2002 and was a visiting scholar at Columbia Law School (USA) in 2007. Ms. Mosoti holds a Bachelor of Laws and Master of Laws degrees.



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