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“Keeping The Memory Alive - Journeys through the Holocaust”
International Poster Design Competition


The “Keeping The Memory Alive” Poster Design Competition is a joint project supported by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) between Yad Vashem (coordinators), in cooperation with the London Jewish Cultural Centre, United Kingdom (UK), the European Shoah Legacy Institute, Czech Republic (CZ), the 2014 Canadian IHRA Chairmanship, and The Holocaust and the United Nations Outreach Programme.

Five hundred entries were submitted after students of art and design (the vast majority of whom bear no personal connection to the Holocaust) were invited to create original posters on “Keeping The Memory Alive - Journeys through the Holocaust”, corresponding with the designated theme of The Holocaust and the United Nations Outreach Programme in 2014. National juries from Canada, the Czech Republic, Israel, the United Kingdom and from United Nations Information Centres in Jakarta and Moscow, and United Nations Information Service in Vienna selected 94 finalists from their respective regions to be considered for the exhibit. An international jury, comprised of experts in both design and in Holocaust Education from all partner countries, selected the best 16 designs for the display.

The “Keeping The Memory Alive” posters will be mounted around the world to mark the International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust, 27 January 2014 in high-profile governmental, civic and educational settings including parliaments and United Nations offices. Additionally, a lesson plan which will be created by pedagogical experts will be used for Holocaust education extensively by IHRA-affiliated organizations the world over. The competition, built on a successful launch in 2012, guarantees outreach on the subject of Holocaust Remembrance in an accessible and meaningful form across the world.

Winning Designs: Caitlin McGinn, Canada (1st); Carling Hind, Canada (2nd); James Alonso, UK (3rd)

16 Exhibit Poster Designers: Caitlin McGinn, Canada; Carling Hind, Canada; James Alonso, UK; Denisa Avuková, CZ; Derek Michael Wasylyshen, Canada; Karolína Bořánková, CZ; Grinka Ksenia, Russia; Marko Watt Kunst Stones, Slovenia; Caroline Leger, UK; Ellie Maskell, UK; Veronika Šišková, CZ; Joakim Sundal, Canada; Ofer Shemesh, Israel; Lenka Štukhejlová, CZ; Zhorzh Ekaterina, Russia; Vicky Lench, UK.



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