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Exhibit Opening
“With Me are Six Million Accusers: the Eichmann Trial in Jerusalem”

 Thursday, 19 April 2012
Visitors Lobby, Gallery C, United Nations Headquarters

Remarks by Michael (Mickey) Goldmann, Holocaust survivor and member of the Israeli Police Bureau 06

Your Excellency Minister Yossi Peled,
Your Excellency Ambassador Ron Prosor
My dear friends, Tami Raveh-Hausner and Amos Hausner,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

It wasn’t an easy task to be in the proximity of a monster for two years. And Adolf Eichmann was a monster.

He became a monster when, as a young boy, he volunteered to [serve] in the S.S. [SchutzStaffel]. He withdrew from Church and later went on to become the Head of the Jewish Section in the Gestapo Headquarters in Berlin, Department IVB4

His enthusiasm for sending Jews to the extermination camps and the death pits had no limits.

He was the one who, in 1942 sent over 40 members of my family, among them my parents and my 10 year-old little sister, to their death at the Belzec extermination camp.

His monstrous efficiency in murdering millions of Jews was so well known that Heinrich Muller, his direct commander and chief of the Gestapo, said just before the collapse of Nazi Germany, “If we only had 50 Eichmanns, we would have won the war”.

For sixteen years, Eichmann succeeded in escaping justice, until he was caught and brought to trial in Jerusalem.

During the first days of the investigation, we were amazed to see in front of us such a despicable and a miserable individual. It was difficult to imagine how that same person had sent millions of Jews to their death and was referred to by his S.S. colleagues as the “Juden Konig, the “King of Jews”.

The first time he sat in front of me, he opened his mouth as he looked straight at me, and I felt as if the gates of the gas chambers had been  opened once again.

On another occasion, he noticed the Auschwitz number on my arm, and  acted as if he felt “sorry for me”.  But I knew very well what he was thinking –“How did this “Judenbengel”, or “Ruffian Jew” as they used to call us youngsters, escape my claws?”

During the trial Eichmann acted as though he didn’t understand why he was being accused of the crimes he had committed. After all, Eichmann claimed was just following orders of this “Fuhrer”.

When Eichmann’s lies were exposed by Gideon Hausner, the Chief Prosecutor of the trial, Eichmann said, “I don’t like this man”.

Eichmann  never accepted blame for his acts, or showed any kind of remorse. Not during the investigation, not during the trial and not before his death.

On the day of his execution, he refused to confess to Reverend Hull, and said, “I have no time for stupidities”.

Before Eichmann’s execution, which I  attended as an official witness of the Israel Police, he only said, “I was faithful to my flag and to my oath”. And when Reverend Hull whispered to him, “Say Jesus”,  he didn’t respond. He only commented,, “I believed in God and shall die as a God believer”.  And I thought to myself at that moment, “In which God does this mass killer believe?”

Eichmann lived as a monster and died as a monster absorbed with a fanatic Nazi ideology, which led to hatred, racism, wars and destruction.  This ideology, which caused the death of over 55 million victims in World War Two, has not left our world. It may be known by a different name,  or [appear]  in a different place, but it is alive and active and continues to fuel the hatred and even destruction of people because of their race, ethnicity, origin, religion, or skin colour.

Only one hope remains for human kind if we are to survive and exist – Let us be free of such murderous ideologies so we can ensure that future generations will be able to co-exist together and respect the life of each and every human being, as we are all born in the image of God.