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Electronic Notes for Speakers

The Electronic Notes for Speakers is a comprehensive resource for anyone who would like to make a presentation on the Holocaust, including educators, NGOs and United Nations Information Centres.

The website integrates video testimony of survivors with supporting materials on four aspects of the Holocaust: pre-war Jewish life in Europe, life in hiding, the ghettos, and the camps.

Each section provides supporting documentation such as maps, photographs from the archives of Yad Vashem, and detailed lesson plans and guidelines for remembrance activities.

The website also contains a Briefing Notes page, with access to detailed information on the history and human experience of the Holocaust.

The electronic notes were produced for the Holocaust and the United Nations outreach programme in partnership with Yad Vashem, the University of Southern California’s Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History and Education and Memorial de la Shoah.  They are available in English and French.

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