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Resources for Speakers on Global Issues

Resources for Speakers

The United Nations deals with the world's major problems. It works to secure peace, eradicate poverty and protect human rights.  Some of its activities, such as peacekeeping and humanitarian assistance during emergencies, are well-known.  Less well-known is its work to codify international law and to provide dependable statistics on global economic issues.  Many people are unaware of the fact that seventy per cent of the work of the UN system is devoted to helping countries build the capacity to help themselves.  This includes countering disease, drugs, crime and terrorism; promoting democracy and human rights; saving children from starvation and disease; providing relief assistance to refugees and victims of natural disaster; and assisting countries devastated by war and the long-term threat of land mines. 

The Resources for Speakers have been designed to help you better understand these and other global issues facing the world and the work that is being carried out by the United Nations to deal with them.  They have been contributed by various United Nations organizations, using the most recent statistics and official reports.  Each paper includes photos and videos, as well as a downloadable PowerPoint presentation for use in public lectures.