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For Teachers

WFP teaching materials have been developed by educators, with sponsorship by the Alabama 4-H Program in conjunction with Universities Fighting World Hunger at Auburn University, The Cape Breton University Children's Rights Centre, and the Canadian International Development Agency.

Getting the facts

State of Food Insecurity in the World
UNDP/Human Development Reports (HDRs)
World Bank PovertyNet
United Nations: World Social Summit 1995
United Nations: World Social Summit and Beyond
UNDP/Poverty Report 2000
UNDP/SEPED Poverty website
Institute of Development Studies, Sussex, UK ‘s Eldis Poverty Guide
The hunger site
FAO and the 1 Billion Hungry Campaign
FAO on Hunger

Getting the figures

Review of Poverty Concepts and Indicators by Renata Lok Dessallien of UNDP
Dimensions of Poverty by SocialWatch
World Bank: Voices of the Poor
UNDP Poverty Report
UNDP/Human Development Report Office
World Bank
World Food Programme

Getting into social media

World Food Programme (WFP)
Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

The 1billionhungry project -- on YouTube and Facebook

Other Resources

Freerice: The internet phenomenon that feeds the hungryFreerice: The internet phenomenon that feeds the hungry!

With every correct answer, 10 grains of rice are donated to WFP. Doesn’t sound like much? Well – since 2007, Freerice players have raised enough rice to feed 4.3 million people for a day! Join them and make a difference!

Freerice has also gone social! Log in via Facebook and challenge your friends – tell you teachers and get them to create a group! Changing the world with a click of the mouse!

Food Force: The First Humanitarian Video Game

WFP's video game "Food Force"Since its release in 2005, WFP's video game to teach children about the logistical challenges of delivering food aid in a major humanitarian crisis has been downloaded over 6 million times, and has an estimated network of 10 million players worldwide!

Set on a fictitious island called Sheylan, riven by drought and war, Food Force invites children to complete six virtual missions that reflect real-life obstacles faced by WFP in its emergency responses both to the tsunami and other hunger crises around the world.

With tens of thousands of Sheylan’s residents displaced and in urgent need of food aid, players are required to pilot helicopters on reconnaissance missions, airdrop high energy biscuits to internally displaced person (IDP) camps, negotiate with armed rebels on a food convoy run and use food aid to help rebuild villages. 

WFP produces the Hunger Map.Each year, the World Food Programme produces the Hunger Map. It is freely downloadable in PDF format in English, Spanish, Italian and French.

Lastly: A World Clock

Have a look at this fascinating World Clock site. It presents a host of statistics in an unusual graphic format, making them very digestible. Look in particular at the figures for population, illness, death and food.