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Education for All (EFA)

Vital Statistics

Remarkable progress has been made in education since the beginning of the decade

A major reason for the rise in primary school enrolments in sub-Saharan Africa - notably Ethiopia and Tanzania - as well as in South and West Asia is the abolition of school fees. Another is the prospect of a midday meal. Ghana’s Free Compulsory Universal Basic Education programme not only did away with school fees but introduced a National School Feeding Programme.

Profile of Ghana's education system

But it is clear that many challenges still remain.

The United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI) promotes action on girls’ education by mobilizing partners and lobbying for the high-level political action needed to ensure that every girl, as well as every boy, receives a quality education.

Afghan Refugee Girls Attend School in Iran

Afghan refugee girls attend school in Varamin, Iran.

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