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Child Labour

A young girl cooking a meal in Lahore, Pakistan.

A young girl cooking a meal in Lahore, Pakistan.

What can you do to help?

Despite the enormity of the problem, child labour is a phenomenon that can be combated, not only by policy makers, but also by ordinary citizens.  Below are some suggestions on what students can do to take action and get involved in the fight against child labour:

No individual, no organization, even the largest one, can begin to stop child labour on its own, and no action, even the smallest, can be dismissed as being too small to bring about change.  It is only through joining the forces of goodwill on all levels of society that we can hope to put an end to child labour.

“Few human rights abuses are so widely condemned, yet so widely practised. Let us make (child labour) a priority. Because a child in danger is a child that cannot wait.” Kofi Annan,
Former UN Secretary-General