Sixth Committee (Legal) — 72nd session

Registration for inclusion in the Sixth Committee email list

Register for inclusion in a consolidated list of email addresses of delegates and other representatives attending the Sixth Committee during the seventy-second session of the General Assembly. The email list, maintained by the Secretariat of the Sixth Committee, will be used to transmit communications on topics and events of relevance to the Committee. Information concerning the work of the Sixth Committee will be made available separately on the eDelegate portal (access restricted to delegates), the PaperSmart portal and the website of the Committee.

Registration for the email list is for the seventy-second session only. Delegates who were included in the email list for the seventy-first session are kindly requested to re-register for the seventy-second session.

The Secretariat reserves the right to deny requests for inclusion in the email list.

Kindly submit a separate request per delegate. All fields are required, unless marked otherwise.



Please note that registration for the Sixth Committee email list does NOT constitute submission of information for purposes of the official list of members of the Sixth Committee. Delegations are invited to submit separately the names of their representatives, alternates and advisers in the eDelegate portal or directly to the Codification Division, Office of Legal Affairs, Secretariat of the Sixth Committee. Please note that only scanned copies of notes verbales or form A/INF/71/2 will be accepted by e-mail.

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