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Side events of the 68th session


All events will be held in Conference Room 2 (CB).

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9 October 2013
Wednesday, 3 PM

Keynote address by Professor Raj Chetty on "Equality of opportunity and education policy: new evidence from big data"  [flyer]

22 October 2013
Tuesday, 3 PM

Joint meeting of the Second Committee, the Economic and Social Council and the LINK Project, on the topic of “Inequality, Growth and the Global Economic Outlook” [programme]

About the Expert Group Meeting on the World Economy (Project LINK):
Project LINK holds a global meeting every year where participants discuss model-generated forecasts of the world economy, emerging world economic issues and trends, as well as current methods of global economic analysis. The Report on the Project LINK Meeting summarizes the presentations and discussions that take place every year.

30 October 2013
Wednesday, 10 AM

Briefing on progress in the implementation of the objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity, as part of the UN Decade of Biodiversity, and to further efforts to improve coherence [updated concept note]  [summary of the proceedings]

1 November 2013
Friday, 10 AM

Event on the topic of “Strengthening the resilience of Small Island Developing States within the context of sustainable development” [updated concept note]  [programme]

6 November 2013
Wednesday, 10 AM

Joint meeting of the Economic and Social Council and the Second Committee on finding solutions for addressing sustainable development challenges and accelerating the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals [updated concept note]  [flyer]  [information note]

8 November 2013
Friday, 10 AM

Joint meeting of the Economic and Social Council and the Second Committee on the topic, “The future of employment: The world of work in 2013” [updated concept note]  [programme]  [summary]


[19 November 2013]



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