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Statement by the President of the General Assembly on Syria

NEW YORK (11 September 2013) – What happens in Syria in the weeks ahead will profoundly bear upon the security and well-being of the entire region of the Middle East, and possibly the whole world.

All our endeavours must be put in the service of bringing about the immediate unconditional cessation of hostilities, and inducing the conflicting parties to engage in dialogue.

I believe this is the crucial moment to push even harder for the International Peace Conference on Syria to take place. An outcome reached through political dialogue is the only way to end the bloodshed, and as the President of the UN General Assembly, I strongly urge Member States to act in furtherance of this goal. Continued militarization would only deepen the suffering of the people of Syria, and cause further radicalization of the conflict.

During the 67th Session, the General Assembly has twice come together to express the conscience of the international community on what has become the most horrific humanitarian catastrophe of our times.

If the allegations regarding the use of chemical agents by a party to the Syrian conflict are proven accurate, Member States should unite and develop an appropriate response, in full respect of international law, including the centrality of the Security Council's role under the UN Charter.

I also welcome all initiatives that can contribute to preventing the further exacerbation of the Syrian tragedy.


For more information and media requests please contact: Nikola Jovanovic, Spokesperson for the President of the General Assembly:,

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