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New York, 26 November 2012

President of the General Assembly holds dialogue with members of the NGO community and civil society

The President of the General Assembly Mr. Vuk Jeremić today held a dialogue with members of non-governmental organizations that work in a consultative status with the Economic and Social Council or which are associated with the Department of Public Information.

The President expressed his belief that the engagement of NGOs could have a significant impact on the work of the General Assembly across a number of issues, such as equitable and sustainable development; human rights; more effective social and economic policies, as well as inclusive growth; culture and development; and the peaceful resolution of disputes – the overarching theme of the 67th Session.

The President stressed the need to fulfil the Millennium Development Goals and advance the Rio+20 agenda. He added that the Rio+20 Conference represented a breakthrough for how the UN interacts with civil society. The President also noted that NGOs can build on the lessons learned from this process and propose initiatives in the field of green energy and climate change.

The President noted that the General Assembly should play a more pronounced role in the ongoing debate on the global economic governance. He announced his intention to launch a process leading to the establishment of a consultative framework between the General Assembly and the G-20, with the participation of the IMF and the World Bank.

The President concluded his address by sharing with civil society representatives the preliminary list of thematic debates that will be held during the 67th Session. The topics include: enhancing cooperation between the G-20 and the UN; climate change and green energy; social inequality; development as a tool for the peaceful resolution of disputes, with a focus on Africa; culture and development; and the role of international criminal justice in reconciliation.


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