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João Alberto Dourado Quintaes

Mr. João Alberto Dourado Quintaes
  • Law Degree, Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro
  • Member of the Brazilian National Bar Association
  • Legal Adviser, Brazilian National Heritage Foundation
  • History, State University of Rio de Janeiro-UERJ
  • Brazilian Diplomatic Academy

  • Main Posts abroad:
    • Embassy of Brazil in Belgrade, Former Yugoslavia
    • Consulate General of Brazil in Los Angeles, Trade Promotion Office
    • Embassy of Brazil in Manila, Philippines
    • Embassy of Brazil in Lima, Peru
    • Embassy of Brazil in Bissau, Guinea-Bissau
    • Brazilian Mission to the United Nations, New York


  • Main Positions in Brazil:
    • Deputy Head of the Trade Operations Division
    • Head of the Trade Events Division
    • Deputy Head and Head of the Eastern European Division
    • Head of the International Affairs Department – Brazilian Ministry of Health




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