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New York, 31 October 2011

Mr. Chair,
Distinguished delegates,

I am very pleased to be with you today, addressing the Sixth Committee.

I am following closely the work of all six Main Committees. But meeting with them is not business as usual for the President of the General Assembly.

I, however, wanted to express to you directly my deep appreciation for the professional quality and great efforts you have put forward in addressing the important issues of this Committee.

The spectrum of items that you handle is wide and deep, traditional and innovative. By their very nature, many issues in this committee are complex and difficult to move with the pace and speed that the majority of us would want to. In this session, customary items, as well as new ones, have required your continuous efforts and a positive spirit of cooperation.

A forward-looking approach, balancing the importance of the matters at hand with the different views that naturally accompany them, has been your guidance and has tested your ability to understand and solve many challenges before you.

I understand that there is a growing need to make tangible progress towards narrowing the gap on some elements of the draft Comprehensive Convention on Terrorism. This will be a significant contribution to the international legal framework and will strengthen our joined fight against terrorism.

Many efforts are also being spent towards building a fair and due process of administration of justice within the UN, reflecting the needs of a 21st Century institution.  

Universal jurisdiction has also been going through some anticipated debates, with all parties committed to fighting impunity in the service of justice.

Establishment of the rule of law is essential for building a prosperous and stable society, and the same applies to the global community as a whole. There is no better place than the Sixth Committee to debate about this item. Your efforts in preparing the foundation for a successful General Assembly high-level meeting on the rule of law are highly appreciated. I will do my part to complement and support your efforts to make this high-level event a building block towards strengthening the rule of law at all levels.

Fortunately, in undertaking your deliberations this session you are ably led by Mr. Hernan Salinas Burgos, as the Chair of the Committee and I thank him for his contribution. The Secretariat and the bureau are also indispensable in this joint exercise, and I thank them for their work.

I am aware that the ILC report is being discussed for several days, and I do not intend to take more time from this interesting and fruitful segment of the Sixth Committee.

Please just allow me to express my gratitude for your professionalism and joint efforts. I am confident that these will continue to be your guiding principles.

Thank you for your attention.



* * *