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New York, 26 September 2011

Foreign Minister of Singapore, His Excellency Mr. Kasiviswanathan Shanmugam
ladies and gentlemen,

I am honoured to join you for today’s 4th Ministerial Meeting of the Global Governance Group. I thank His Excellency Mr. Shanmugamfor the invitation to deliver opening remarks.

There is no doubt that improving global governance is crucial if we are to better serve humanity. The world, in particular the economy, is increasingly complex, mutually interdependent and interconnected. Major issues are no longer contained within borders - what affects one nation affects us all.

Yet our current global governance structures no longer reflect the realities before us. As a result, we must rethink the way the multilateral system works.

The 3G countries are at the forefront of this new wave of thinking. I commend their commitment to both multilateralism and to the central role of the United Nations in this respect.

It is clear that no one country can fix the global economic and financial crisis alone. What is required is a united global partnership, based on open dialogue and close collaboration. We must work together to improve global governance, with the UN as the central forum of deliberation and action.

As President of the 66th session of the General Assembly, one of my key priorities this year will be UN reform and revitalization. The United Nations is the most universal and preeminent centre of global decision-making. But to succeed in the modern reality, Member States must continue their work to reform and revitalize the Assembly, to ensure the General Assembly retains the necessary political power and remains not only efficient and effective, but also inclusive and representative. To maintain its legitimacy, the General Assembly must also be able to respond, at an early stage, to emerging situations of common concern to the international community. And to avoid duplication and overlap of initiatives, I would encourage stronger interaction and genuine balance between the General Assembly, the Secretary-General, the Security Council and ECOSOC, respecting the respective mandates defined by the Charter.

My predecessor, His Excellency Mr. Joseph Deiss, made very important contributions to the strengthening of the global governance architecture during the 65th session of the General Assembly.

From the informal thematic debate on Global Governance held in June this year, it is clear that there is consensus among Member States about the need to reconcile the global nature of challenges and the sovereignty of States to design and implement policies. Member States also identified the need for global governance to go beyond crisis management and be capable of addressing medium- and long-term issues, such as economic development and change.

Member States also demonstrated their strong support for improving global governance with their draft resolution on The United Nations and global governance last session. The draft resolution tabled by the 3G and adopted by consensus in the 65th session was co-sponsored by an unusually high number of Member States – 100 in total. Such keen interest is indicative of the relevance of your goals, and the constructive and inclusive spirit in which they’re being pursued.

I intend to build on the momentum of the 65th session, and carry it further. One of my immediate goals is to work with Member States to consider how we can better promote complementarity and mutual reinforcement between the General Assembly and the G20. The voice of the General Assembly as the central forum for addressing the world’s economic and financial order should be brought to the attention of all groups and partners.

And in the longer-term, our goal must be the continuous improvement of global governance as a whole.

Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen,

It is time for creative and visionary solutions. You can count on the full support of my Presidency as you fulfill towards your important mission.

I wish you a productive meeting. Thank you.



* * *